My name is Anthony Charles Pappas, and welcome to my newsletter. Ten years ago, I had $5 in my pocket and no real understanding on what I wanted to do. Today, I am 26 years old, have my MBA in Finance, manage a remote staff of 20+ for one of the largest life insurance providers in America, own my own home and have the best Fiancée and dog the world could ask for. The purpose of this newsletter is to both share some of my life experiences and to also inform anyone who will listen on topics of finance, technology, Bitcoin, crypto, and life in general. These are topics I genuinely enjoy learning about and discussing. Like anyone else I also enjoy sports and music, particularly the Boston/New England teams (Yes, I miss Tom Brady already). If you would be interested in any of the above topics or conversations, please feel free to subscribe and follow me on Twitter @AnthonPappas.